Torque Converter Wafers

Raybestos is an original equipment (OE) supplier of torque converter wafers. Engineered with premium materials, Raybestos Torque Converter wafers are designed and manufactured to not only meet but exceed OE and customer expectations.

OE Tan - Widely used by the OE market for more than a decade, the Raybestos tan material contains cellulose fibers and a special blend of resins which provide excellent co-efficients of friction.

High-Energy Kevlar® - Handles the added stress of clutch dampening on electronically controlled transmissions that would cause ordinary friction papers to glaze or burn.

High Carbon - Optimum replacement for PWM controlled systems, and is a cost sensitive alternative to SW Carbon™ in continuous slip applications.

PowerTorque™ - Heavy duty/high performance friction material developed by Raybestos to solve the problem of flaking and wear in HD torque converter applications.


Bonding Pressure Calculator

Use the calculator below to enter both the outer and inner diameter of the friction wafer along with the bonder's ram diameter to determine the piston pressure required to achieve a successful bond.